C.K. Mack

C.K Mack is a real estate company that allows its users to invest with a minimum investment of $25 only. It is a platform that saves the time of its users by investing online while sitting anywhere in US. It provides favorable returns for investors which are calculated monthly and are easily transferable. CK Mack offers a hybrid of crowdfunding and Real Estate investment.



We clip is an online social media and social networking app which allows its user to create an event and invite people from all around the globe. A user can join any nearby event and share the experiences by uploading videos and contents. This platform helps to share what you feel and what other feels about the same. Moreover, it gives feedback about previous events that you want to explore.



Art bot is a decentralized social networking website which allows its users to collaborate directly by uploading videos and audios on the same platform. It gives an ideal platform to creators who want to collaborate with consumers while earning revenue by uploading their contents. Artists can upload their talent on this platform and art bot finds thousands of people to collaborate. The prominent part of this websites is that it pays for your talent in cryptocurrency. This website also has various sections that plays audios and videos according to your mood.